How to get hired – RDC students get an insight.

OCTOBER 2013 – For a fourth year running the RDC has asked Foundation Board Member and TAG founder, Sheila Musgrove, to speak at the “Backpacks to Briefcases” event. The event focuses on giving students insight as they begin to start their careers. The jump from education to the working world can be significant, and some young people simply aren’t prepared for the more cut-throat environments of work. Sheila, the founder of Calgary-based recruitment firm TAG, has helped countless people find the right fit and provides a valuable insight. The talk is open to students of RDC at the Douglas School of Business in January of 2014. If you’d like a taster of the kind of expert advice that will be on offer then check out TAG’s 23 tips on How to Master the Interview or the 34 tips on How to Write a Great Resume.